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“Digital Transformation conquers the future. We believe in smart and friendly cities, where the development of urban services must be done for the benefit of the citizens.”

Rapid urbanization of cities presents infrastructure challenges for government and municipalities. As cities grow and expand their services, administration and governance become increasingly complex. Thus, it is necessary to transform cities to address social, economic, engineering and environmental challenges. A city smarter and more effectively including transport issues, security, energy management, environmental, social and health service quality and durability is the ideal option for policy makers and authorities.
Smart technologies, the engines of the smart city market, are environmentally friendly, reduce energy costs and provide operational safety.
These technologies are designed with features that can identify problems at a very early stage, increase security and safety of people living in cities.
Smart cities market is growing exponentially. This application opens a segmented market for smart cities. Smart Cities represent a new style of city that offers sustainable growth and is designed to encourage healthy economic activities that reduce environmental impact and improve the quality of life of residents.


Who we are ?

Cluster and opportunities

Smart Cities of Romania Cluster – SCoR CLUSTER is a cluster built on the experience and expertise of the founders in the last five years of collaboration at national conferences Smart Cities of Romania. SCoR CLUSTER aims to be a significant framework for innovation and development of smart cities and communities in Romania. The stated mission of SCOR CLUSTER is to facilitate the participation of its members in this process, to stimulate close cooperation between the administration, academia and research and industry, to establish cooperative relations with national, European or international clusters.

The main objectives of the SCoR Cluster are:

Promotion, linking national and European harmonization - Global domain Smart City;

Increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of services and systems provided by cluster members by promoting a policy of cooperation - innovation - knowledge transfer, based on common strategies;

Working with local authorities, regional and central authorities and civil society to define, acceptance and support a vision of sustainable development of communities and territories, specific to Romania.

SCoR 2023 Conference

Our projects

Green and Socially resPOnsible ciTy Logistics InnovaTions - SPOTLOG

Green and Socially resPOnsible ciTy Logistics InnovaTions - SPOTLOG

March 2023 - May 2027
SPOTLOG's main vision is to involve local communities in creating socially responsible logistics systems, based wherever possible on zero-carbon modes, through the intelligent use of all available resources and taking advantage of the digitalisation of goods and passenger transport services. By focusing on low-density communities and medium-sized cities, SPOTLOG partners aim to improve regional policy instruments toward the European goals of inclusive and carbon-neutral mobility.