The 2020 edition of the conference Ziua Comunicațiilor brings an innovative format, with live debates in a multimedia studioo and audience connected directly online and on social media. On 15 September, representatives of the most relevant public institutions involved in the digitalization efforts of Romania and representatives of the major players in the industry will debate the ways telecommunications support overcoming the challenges of the current pandemic.

The conference is set apart by the diversity of the topics such as the link between telecommunications and digitalizations, the future of 5G in Romania and pragmetic perspectives on technological innovation.

Communications transcend not only economy but also the pandemic. So here we are using technology to help us meet and discuss the future of technology. 2020 brought us out of our confort zone and forced us to find solutions to continue the legacy of a debate started 25 years ago. However, the new format of Ziua Comunicaţiilor brings the opportunity to expand the audience beyond the physical boundries that limited us in the past. We have the oportunity to come together in larger numbers, to cooperate more easily and to make our messages more relevant. The discussions will be as lively as before and the interaction is ensured by the videoconferincing platform we use” declared Liliana Balici, Managing Director General, ITS Events, the organizer of the event.

The 2020 edition benefits from an impressive attendance not only on behalf of public authorities - Dragoș Preda, Stete Secretary, Ministry of Transports, Infrastructure and Communications • Eduard Lucian Lovin, Vicepresident, ANCOM • Sabin Sărmaș, President, ADR • Marian Murguleț, Stete Secretary Information Technology - Chief Information Officer of Romanian Government • Dan Cȋmpean, Director General of CERT-RO • Toma Cȋmpeanu, Director General of ANSSI but also from the major industry players -Ericsson, Digi, Orange, Telekom, Vodafone, Huawei, Groupama, #gomobile (Samsung, certSIGN), Connect44, RolaxIT Innovation. The debates will be moderate by the TV host Tudor Muşat.

Participation is free, but registration is required on the website:

We look forward to meeting you LIVE !

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