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ITS Romania is a not-for-profit, non-governmental, professional association with the main objective to support the implementation of Intelligent Transport Systems correlated at national level and harmonized at European level.

Intelligent Transport Systems – ITS are defined as the use of IT and Communication technologies to achieve a safer, greener and more efficient transport system.

ITS are implemented in all transport modes (road, rail, inland waterways, maritime and air) with specific technologies for each but also with an integrated, multimodal approach.

Our over 20 years of expertise have convinced us that answering to the current mobility demands of the users requires extended use of IT&C, a good cooperation between private and public stakeholders and an integrated approach of all transport modes.

ITS Romania is open to cooperate with any organisation, already established or just starting, which has activities related to transport systems for all modes, including multimodal.


comprises the largest national network of energy specialists and is the main organization in the field of energy in Romania, founding member of the World Energy Council, since 1924. CNR-CME is a professional, apolitical, non-governmental organization, non-profit or patrimonial purpose. CNR-CME concentrates the interests of various institutions and organizations in Romania interested in energy issues and its relationship with the economy and the environment, specialists and civil society.
CNR-CME has in Romania over 100 collective members and about 270 individual members, representative specialists in the energy field, in the research, industry and academic sectors. The total turnover of the members represents over 70 billion lei, and the total number of employees is about 75,000.

The mission of CNR-CME is to promote energy supply and the sustainable, sustainable use of energy in Romania and the efficient use of energy resources of all forms.

The purpose of CNR-CME is the active integration of policies in the energy sector in Romania in the major options and trends that are manifesting worldwide.

CNR-CME strategic direction:

  • To become a modern and progressive organization that meets both needs of SEN members as well as the consumer public
  • Sustainable development of the energy sector in Romania and efficient use of energy resources of all forms
  • Promoting the sustainable development of the energy sector in Romania with an emphasis on environmental protection and efficient use of energy resources
  • Facilitating collaboration between professional associations in the national energy system

Founded in 2003, the ROMANIAN ASSOCIATION FOR SECURITY TECHNIQUE (A.R.T.S.) is a public utility professional association, which brings together companies involved in the field of security technology. Our mission is to positively influence the growth of the security market and the application of modern technologies with effects on security, resilience, process efficiency or the evolution towards smart cities

A.R.T.S. supports and promotes the improvement of legislation and the application of standards, is a member of Romanian Standardisation Body and a member of EURALARM. Licensed as a Professional Training Body, A.R.T.S. seeks to increase the professional level of its members' employees and offers quality professional training services.

A.R.T.S. is the owner of the ROMANIAN SECURITY FAIR, a biennial international exhibition of security services and techniques and of the specialized magazine ALARMA, and organizes annual conferences addressing topics in the field of risk and security technologies, critical infrastructures or smart cities.

Our slogan is: The art of living safely!


"In a business environment in continuous development, in which new products and services appear daily, our role is to support companies to have a better visibility in the market and to achieve their marketing objectives”, Liliana BALICI, Managing Director

Young, dynamic and creative team, we have the necessary knowledge to plan, organize, implement and control successful events

Based on the motto "Our mission is to create business Relationships" basic foundation of our experience of over 18 years industry event organization, ITS Events Management team organizes expo-conferences, corporate events and communication campaigns.

Specialized in organizing B2B events, consulting, management, technical and logistics services for events, ITS Events Management initiated in 2015 and founded the SMART CITIES of ROMANIA expo-conference, together with the organizations ARTS, CNR-CME, ITS Romania.

ITS Events Management holds in its Portfolio over 10 international conferences organized in the last 10 years. The successful activity carried out so far and the ability to manage complex events have helped the company to become an important player in the event organization industry.

ITS Events Management also owns the Sales & Marketing department of the Aqvila Club **** complex, a location dedicated exclusively to business tourism. In 2019 Aqvila Club **** in Rucăr became the first and only tourist complex in Romania affiliated to the World Tourism Organization, United Nations agency (UNWTO).


GTS is one of the leading technology and security integrators in Romania, with very strong design and value engineering capabilities. Succesful projects had been delivered  for large corporate clients, our company being the main supplier of security solutions in the Romanian banking system.

We are committed to assisting our clients with a broad range of services and expertise from the design to the implementation phase as well as subsequent operation or maintenance. Our clients enjoy a single point of contact, thereby ensuring maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and exceedingly successful project results.


  • Building Technologies
  • IT & Datacenter
  • Facility Management
  • IoT Operational Services
  • Advanced IoT Solutions
  • Technical Maintenance
  • Safety & Security Systems
  • Security Systems Integration
  • Security Analysis & Consulting

Our project portfolio includes some of the most well-known banking and retail networks, office buildings, mixed-use projects, commercial properties and corporate campuses in Romania, as well as luxurious residential properties. Implicitly, we have had the privilege to work with some of the most prestigious organizations on the Romanian and European market, in various industries.

At GTS we design solutions that meet specific applications’ needs in industries in order to help enterprises to optimize their physical security systems, improve operational efficiencies, and prepare for a successful future.


Altimate is a Romanian company that integrates, develops and implements state-of-the-art solutions for physical security, IT and communications, as well as intelligent traffic management solutions. The company implements both systems and technologies developed by world-renowned manufacturers, as well as its own equipment, developed in-house, in accordance with the client’s needs. Altimate specialists also have the necessary skills and experience to provide consulting and risk analysis for critical infrastructure sites.

General competences
  • Intelligent traffic solutions
  • Integrated security systems
  • Smart business solutions
  • IT&C solutions
  • ITS product development and security
Nuclear field competences
  • Design and installation of physical security systems
  • Integration of physical security systems
  • Emergency Management Center
  • Document management
  • Information life cycle management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Risk Analysis
  • Security dispatch
Authorizations and certifications
CNCAN - Authorization for Design activities in the nuclear field (to be obtained), Authorization for Development, maintenance, modification activities and use of software products in the nuclear field (to be obtained), Authorization for Nuclear Services activities (to be obtained), Authorization for Construction-Assembly activities (to be obtained), ANRE - Certificate type B, ORDA - Certificate of registration in the National Register of Computer Programs, ANPM - Registration form in the Register of battery and accumulator manufacturers, Registration form in the EEE Marketing Register, MFP - Distribution authorization of fiscal electronic cash registers, IGSU - Authorization for design of fire signaling, alarming systems and installations, Authorization for installation and integration of fire signaling, alarming systems and installations, IGPR - Operating license , RINA-SIMTEX - ISO 14001: 2015, ISO / IEC 27001: 2013, ISO 9001: 2015

Client portfolio
  • Agency for the Digital Agenda of Romania - Collaborative IT system for a high-performance environment for conducting public procurement (SICAP)
  • Maritime Ports Administration S.A. Constanța - Development of customized software solutions, Document management
  • CNAIR - Electronic payment system for the tariff on the bridge crossing the Danube River in Feteşti-Cernavoda
  • Bucharest Municipality - Emergency Management Center, Intelligent Traffic Management System
  • Târgu-Mureș Municipality - Emergency Situations Management Center
  • Municipality of Galați - Intelligent traffic management system

Electroproiect S.A. is a highly experienced company, with over 50 years of expertise in installation design and technical consultancy for all installations necessary for any civil, critical or industrial infrastructure. The company’s services cover all stages of installation design, from prefeasibility studies to establishing all execution details and providing technical assistance.

  • Prefeasibility and feasibility studies
  • Technical documentation
  • Technical projects
  • Design services for:
    • Sanitary installations
    • Electrical installations
    • HVAC installations
    • SCADA and building management systems
    • Lighting installations
    • Low currents installations
    • Fire protection and extinguishing installations
    • Water supply installations
    • Water sewage installations
  • Design services for the modernization and rehabilitation of all installations

The company’s team has solid competencies in AUTOCAD, 2D design, 3D design and prototyping, Geo-Exchange design, collaborative design through BIM (Building Information Modelling) and is always up to date regarding the latest innovations in the installation field.

Authorizations and certifications

Electroproiect SA holds authorizations that confirm the observance of specific European and national norms and the implementation of a quality management, as well as authorizations issued by national authorities such as IGSU, ANRE etc.
Also, Electroproiect SA is undergoing a comprehensive process to be authorized by CNCAN for projects in the field of construction and installations.



UTI CONSTRUCTION AND FACILITY MANAGEMENT is a company with Romanian capital, which offers a complex range of services and state-of-the-art technologies: facility management, integrated physical security systems, computerized process management, call center, operational dispatch.

The company's portfolio includes projects developed for various industries: critical infrastructures, financial institutions, industrial and commercial spaces, government institutions, public institutions, sports arenas, hospitals, educational institutions. Also, UTI Construction and Facility Management is an authorized partner for the Romanian market of the famous British manufacturer of X-ray detection technology, Smiths Detection.

General competences

  • Facility Management
  • Security solutions and services
  • Fire detection and extinguishing systems
  • Automation

Nuclear field competences

  • Facility Management
  • Design and installation of physical security systems
  • Integration of physical security systems
  • Supply and commissioning of X-ray detection systems
  • Design and installation of fire detection and extinguishing systems
  • Design and installation of sound and addressing systems
  • Operational dispatch
Authorizations and certifications
CNCAN - Authorization for carrying out activities in the nuclear field - supply of X-ray installations and detection systems: X HI-SCAN 6046si, HI-SCAN 100100V-2is, HI-SCAN 6040CTiX, HI-SCAN 10080XCT, Authorization for carrying out activities in nuclear field - supply of luggage control installations type CTX5800, Authorization for carrying out activities in the nuclear field - import of X-ray installation type CTX5800, AACR - Certificate of authorization, IGSU - Authorization for carrying out the activities of fire alarming systems and installations, Authorization for carrying out the design of ventilation systems and installations for smoke and hot gases evacuation, ANRE - Execution of transformer stations, power stations and works with power plants at any standardized rated voltages, INSEMEX-GANEx - Performing specific activities in potentially explosive environments

Client portfolio
  • Airports: Henri Coanda International Airport, Bucharest, Aurel Vlaicu International Airport, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca International Airport, Oradea International Airport, Iasi International Airport, Brasov-Ghimbav International Airport, Satu-Mare International Airport, Bacau International Airport, Timisoara International Airport, Varna Airport (Bulgaria)
  • Government institutions and public administrations: Embassy of Canada, Romanian Civil Aviation Authority, European Commission, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee, Ministry of Finance, Brasov Municipality, Sibiu Local Police
  • Financial institutions and network organizations: Enel, Engie, Apa Nova, BRD, Intesa SanPaolo Bank, Generali, Raiffeisen Bank, Unicredit, Baum, Imo Property Investments Bucharest
  • Industrial sites: ArcelorMittal, Dacia Renault, Draxlmaier, RoPharma, Vanderlande, Zentiva

Tejas Development

TEJAS Development is an innovative start-up that provides consulting, development, implementation and support services for digital solutions, business process management and administrative services.

In view of the multidisciplinary nature of the activities carried out, TEJAS is an open collaborative platform, bringing together the experience and expertise of its collaborators and partners in an integrated service offering.

Our work focuses primarily on solutions for communities, for sustainable and sustainable development, for their efficient and intelligent management.

Snagov Municipality

With a total population of 6773 inhabitants, Snagov commune is located in the northern part of Ilfov county, 28 km from Bucharest, on DN1 to Ploiesti. Local authorities, City Hall, Snagov Local Council constantly aim to raise the standard of living in the community, support small entrepreneurs in agriculture, tourism and industry, environmental protection programs, tourism development, knowledge in the country and abroad of the huge tourist potential offered by Snagov.

Balan Municipality

The city of Balan is located in the North-Eastern perimeter of Harghita County, that is, in the central area of the Eastern Carpathians, at the foot of Hasmasul Mare.
It is located in the immediate vicinity of Sandominic commune, having access to the national road nr. 125 (Miercurea Ciuc - Gheorgheni). Miercurea Ciuc is 42 km away, Gheorgheni is 19 km away (a road inaccessible to public traffic, offers an exceptional tourist route, the hikes can be made with dog sleds).
Balan, as a city, stretches on the Olt river, on a distance of about 3 km, the relief being made up of a small basin surrounded by other spectacular landforms, mountains and hills of a unique charm.

Cluster Power

ClusterPower offers Smart Cloud & Compute services for large data deployments

Our first-class digital solutions support digital transformation acceleration and enable the interconnection between your business, data, cloud, and end users in a cost efficient set up.

Located in Southern Romania, Cluster Power Technology Campus is equally distanced from the Black Sea, the Adriatic Sea, and the Aegean, in a modern industrial facility using sustainable energy.

Being the first hyperscale data center in the region, ClusterPower creates the context to boost the region’s economic growth, hosting and developing next-generation digital solutions with high added value.

For a full description of our services, please download our corporate portfolio.

RISE: Romanian InSpace Engineering

RISE is a technology-oriented organization initially operating in the market for space and space applications, having an increasing number of projects successfully completed, many of them with the European Space Agency (ESA).

We have also applied our R&D heritage to create a portfolio addressing the markets of security, space products and space applications in the terrestrial environment: compact high accuracy GPS/GNSS positioning devices (for UAVs, rovers or autonomous vehicles), absolute time synchronization devices, environmental test facilities, web portals for remote monitoring stations and integrated sensor platforms (complete product chain: from sensor design to web interface).

For potential collaborations and services, we are leveraging a multidisciplinary team with a strong expertise demonstrated in integrating new technologies from complementary fields into coherent products. We provide rapid design and prototype, iterative development and software implementation at each stage: component, subsystem or fully-integrated level. Through our international partnerships, we have access to an expanding array of high-tech products: radars for drones, professional GNSS receivers, inertial navigation systems/inertial measurement units, etc. We are also offering complete technical support from training to OEM product customization and integration as part of complete solutions.

Frequent questions

Before requesting information about Smart Cities of Romania CLUSTER, please read our quide with answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • How to become a member

    Please send by email or post the following documents: filled-in membership request form; copy of the registration certificate of the organisation / company; and short presentation of the company.

    Your request will be forwarded to the Directory Council of the Cluster and will be discussed in the next upcoming meeting. You will receive the response by email or fax.

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  • Services

    We provide to our members technical expertise, networking and communication opportunities, strategic intelligence and resource sharing. We also support team development – reskilling, upskilling start-up developments.
  • Advantages

    Smart Cities of Romania Cluster aims to develop together with its members an innovation and development framework for Romanian smart cities and communities. Our mission is to foster the close cooperation between administration, academia, research and industry; and to establish cooperation with national, European or international clusters.